Picture Factoids: Taupo, New Zealand


TAUPO is a small town in the centre of New Zealand's North Island on the rim of a vast caldera - a water filled volcano.

European settlement began with the establishment of an Armed Constabulary in 1869 and today Taupo has a population of over 20,000. This is significantly swelled in summer time when the numerous motels and hotels along State Highway 1 are filled with holiday makers.


Known globally as a centre for high-octane sports, and activities on the lake, Taupo is nestled against one of the world's most explosive volcanos

The Taupo caldera is sometimes known as a Super-Volcano with counter parts in Yellowstone National Park and Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia. Though Taupo itself hasn't erupted since 181 AD.

Brown Trout were released into Lake Taupo in 1885 followed by Rainbow Trout in 1898. The region is well known for its fine game fishing.


Taupo's full name is Taupo-nui-a-Tia. 'Taupo' means shoulder cloak, 'nui' means big,'a' means of and 'Tia' is the name of the Lake's discoverer. The literal translation is The Great Cloak of Tia.


The last major eruption from Lake Taupo, the Hatepe eruption, occurred in 181 AD covering an area of 20,000 square kilometres with volcanic ash.

The explosion turned the sky red over Rome and China.


Taupo erupted an estimated 1,170 kmĀ³ of material in its Oruanui eruption 26,500 years ago. The most recent super-volcanic eruption to hit the planet.

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I've not yet been to Taupo so this is another reminder we really should pack up soon and head north. Great pictures.

These calderas when they go up don't do it quietly do they?

Anyway just make sure you're not there, Yellowstone, Naples, Thera or heaven forbid Edinburgh or the Lakes District (if they ever get over their quiet demeanour) when it blows.

Still the skiing is good, the fishing is fine, the scenery is not too bad and you can always go kayaking over Huka falls when it blows just for a once in a lifetime thrill!

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